Foreign rights for the Guy Trédaniel Group


Established in 1974, Guy Trédaniel Group is a world pioneer and the first publisher in France to specialize in alternative medicine, esoterism and personal development. Leader in the sectors of self-improvement, health & esoterics in France, the group reunites 14 imprints. Our catalog boasts significant collections of excellent books and best-selling authors reflecting the changes in the world today and covering all fields of wellness for both the general public and a more specialized readership.

To buy the rights of one of our works or have information on our catalogs, please contact:

Cristina Prepelita Chiarasini (Literary Agent)
Agence littéraire CGR
36 rue Cler — 75007 Paris (France)
Tél: + 33 [0]1 45 66 71 11
E-Mail :
Website :

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